The Benefits Of Having A Thermal Imaging Survey

Edward P. Carlson use thermal imaging equipment to survey your house in order to determine which areas have the highest amount of heat loss. We use infrared camera equipment to capture heat loss in pictures called a thermal image.

Thermal imaging surveys can be used on domestic properties or large industrial buildings, or any other commercial building. It is designed to assess the thermal efficiency by identifying areas of conductive heat loss, air leakage, thermal bridging and moisture intrusion.

Heat Loss

Conductive heat loss is often due to damaged insulation either in the walls or roof. This obviously affects how insulated your property is and how well it can retain heat. If there are holes in the insulation, heat will escape, meaning you will be spending more to replace the heat your property has squandered.

Air Leakage

Every building has the potential for air leakage within its structure. This can be through doors, windows, chimneys and brickwork, which leads to heat loss. For the building to maintain the comfort and cost effectiveness of the heating and cooling systems, the amount of air leakage is of significant importance. We try to expose the defects in order for the owner to fix the problems.

Moisture Intrusion

Moisture intrusion occurs through small cracks in the property’s building structure. Water becomes trapped in the impermeable building material and forms the cracks.

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