Commercial EPCs

By law, most properties, domestic or commercial, require an Energy Performance Certificate, regardless of whether the property is owned, leased, rented or about to be sold.

Only a qualified, accredited assessor can award an EPC and Edward P. Carlson’s team is full of both commercial assessors and domestic assessors. They are professional, friendly, dedicated and, crucially, experienced.

Our commercial assessors have dealt with many different types of properties, including:

• Offices
• Libraries
• Factories
• Schools
• Shops
• Hotels

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small shop owner or a large multinational company, our assessors will provide swift, efficient Commercial EPC assessments and solutions.

Areas examined in the assessment include the type of building the property is, the number of floors, composition, size and age of the building. In addition, our team will determine which heating, cooling and ventilation systems are installed and are operational in the building. The assessor will check if there are any energy efficiency devices already installed.

Our assessor will provide you with a thorough and detailed analysis of the building’s energy efficiency, which will result in a final energy efficiency rating from A to G, G being the least efficient and A the most.

A separate report will list the different ways the energy efficiency of the property can be improved.

Having a commercial EPC does not need to be expensive. Our rate is fair and cannot be beaten, with quotes starting as low as £89. Each quote depends of the size and complexity of the building, but our quotes are competitive and hard to beat. We are determined to giving our clients their money’s worth.

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