What Thermal Imaging Can Do For You

It sounds like a gadget out of a James Bond film or a handheld device used in the world of Spy VS Spy. It seems to connote images of a harsh Siberian landscape and the outline of the enemy depicted as wavy heat. However, thermal imaging can aid you in the seemingly endless battle against energy bills and help save the planet.

Thermal Imaging uses a special lens to focus the infrared light emitted by objects. As a result, a very detailed temperature pattern called a thermogram is created. This thermogram is translated into electric impulses which are then sent to a signal-processing unit. The signal-processing translates the information and sends it to a display where it is shown as various colours, depending upon the intensity of the emission.

Using this helpful service, Building Surveyors and Home Inspectors can detect carbon emissions escaping from a building. Whether the property is a home or workplace, these emissions can have detrimental effect on the environment. The world’s ecology is balanced in such a delicate manner that it is vitally important to protect the environment wherever possible.

Carbon emissions negatively influence the quality of air and helps increase the detrimental greenhouse effect. This can help lead to extreme weather changes, a dangerous global temperature increase, loss of ecosystems and can immediately lead to health problems for the human population.

Using thermal imaging the leaks and causes of superfluous carbon emissions can be detected and dealt with. It is a legal requirement when buying, selling or renting a new personal or commercial property that an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is acquired. The EPC pinpoints the areas where excess energy is being lost.

A basic EPC check may not include the thermal imaging service. Without using the service there is the possibility that some emissions are leaking into the environment undetected. Neglecting to detect some of the troublesome by-products of heating and maintaining a building only compounds the difficulties that nature is facing. As well as the initial check when moving to a new property, it is prudent to check semi-regularly in case of slight deterioration of the building especially in ageing or not carefully maintain property.

Aside from the noble act of helping to save the planet from damage, Thermal Imaging could save you money. The initial cost is often offset by the long term savings that can be made. If your property is losing more heat than it needs to, your energy bills will be higher than they should be. By detecting and addressing the problem areas with Thermal Imaging your energy bills could be significantly reduced, especially if you are operating in a large building.

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