What Is An EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which is required by law for any property in the UK which is bought, sold or rented. Essentially, a certified company attends the property and evaluates the energy usage in the property, giving the property an energy performance rating from A to G, an A rating being the most energy efficient home and a G rating being the least energy efficient home. In the UK, the average home has an energy efficiency rating of D. The certificate will also include the following information:

– Recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption and save money.
– Specific details regarding energy usage.
– Specific details about the person/company who carried out the assessment.
– Specific details about how to make a complaint if you are not happy.

Recommendations for EPC

The recommendations on how you can reduce energy consumption are quite detailed. The report also states what savings could be made if the changes were implemented, as well as the potential energy rating you could attain if you followed the recommendations. Aside from saving you money, following the recommendations could also make your property a more attractive prospect when it comes to selling it or renting it out.

How to get an EPC

As a land lord or a home-owner looking to rent or sell the property, an EPC by an accredited domestic energy assessor (DEA) is required by law. You can contact one using the search function on the energy performance certificate register website. Alternatively, your estate agent may contact and hire a DEA on your behalf.


It is essential that the person who does the EPC is accredited. Accreditation ensures the following for your peace of mind and safety:

– They are trained and qualified to carry out the job.
– They are part of a register and can therefore be held accountable.
– They have a valid complaints procedure which is upheld.
– They have the required insurance to do the work.
– They follow the correct procedures and adhere to industry standards at all times.

An EPC is valid for 10 years. To find out more about attaining EPCs with Edward P.Carlson, visit our website! For even more information about Edward P.Carlson’s array of services, find out more about thermal imaging and how it could benefit your property.

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