Vancouver To Use Thermal Imaging For Energy Efficiency

The Canadian city Vancouver will determine how energy efficient thousands of their homes are by launching a large-scales thermal imaging programme.

Chris Higgins, Vancouver’s green building planner, aims to have between 12,000 and 15,000 homes tested in the winter.

Taking a leaf out of Google’s playbook with their street view, a vehicle armed with thermal cameras will drive through the suburbs of Vancouver taking images to identify where heat is being lost due to poor insulation or windows.

The next stage will consist of sending the results to the homeowners along with information and options to encourage them to make energy efficient installations to save money and help battle climate change.

Recent studies have found that energy efficient helps reduce CO2 emissions, and it has been found that it is possible to make savings with energy efficient installations.

Higgins added that he wants to try thermal imaging to assess Vancouver homes as it has already been experimented with in other cities.

“We do have a sense [of where homes require upgrades] by home age and block-by-block natural gas usage, but we don’t have the numbers for specific housing,” said Higgins. “Other cities that have done this found thermal images to be a really effective engagement technique. Knowing that a block consumes a lot of natural gas is helpful, the question is how do you communicate to those homeowners and say, ‘Hey, here are the grants available and here is your home compared to the average home.'”

Thermal imaging offers a wide range of benefits and can help you identify where your property is losing heat.

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