UK’s Carbon Targets Dependant On Energy Efficiency

Energy UK have rallied behind the strive for increased energy efficiency to be the main factor is meeting the UK’s ambitious carbon targets. The group has contacted the Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker declaring that energy efficiency in private and personal properties needs to be prioritised if the country is going to reach its target of cutting carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Energy UK Chief Executive, Angela Knight, revealed : “Energy efficiency schemes must work well for people to want to get involved with them. Problems with Green Deal and ECO need to be ironed out quickly for them to be in the best interests of customers so they can cut their energy use and have warmer, more comfortable homes.”

“The new schemes are still bedding down and the work Energy UK has been doing, with support and involvement from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, highlights a number of areas where improvements can be made and lessons can be learned.”

The Green Deal and ECO scheme are just two initiatives that the Government has undertaken in an attempt to improve the country’s energy efficiency, clearly identifying the area as an important factor in carbon emission cutting. But the relative lack of success so far enjoyed by either scheme indicates a lack of knowledge of how the country can benefit from increased energy efficiency and how to engage the public. Even though millions of Britons could benefit greatly from increasing the energy efficiency and in particular schemes such as the Green Deal, there is still prevalent reluctance to act upon this necessity.

Energy UK are now imploring Government officials to improve the schemes, initiatives and deals that they are proposing in order to engage both private and professional property owners that will benefit from greater energy efficiency.

One of the biggest concerns that has faced the Green Deal is many people feel that it is unclear and too technical. Energy UK and DECC organise a number of meets in towns and cities with the citizens to discuss the problems of the schemes and how best to rectify them. The members of the public suggested that the scheme be made simpler and more flexible.

Energy UK hopes that the Government will be more people-orientated in future schemes and initiatives in a bid to attract the individual. Helping the individual understand how energy efficient changes can help them save money, could help the country hit the emissions target and cut the carbon output by 80% by 2050.

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