UK’s Aging Houses Require Energy Efficiency Updates

The UK has the oldest housing stock of any country in the world. A staggering 8.5 million properties in the UK are more than 60 years old. This represents a country that is over-reliant on out-dated and insufficient technologies. Energy efficiency was seldom considered when the vast majority of these 8.5 million homes were built and many are subsequently ill-prepared for the green future that the government hopes to promote.

With the added importance and impetus placed upon energy efficiency, the majority of new homes are built with one eye on the environment. Property advertising material now requires publication of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. This rule has been enforced as an incentive for property owners to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings that they own. It is believed that potential buyers and tenants will be put off from investing in properties with a poor EPC rating.

Not only will properties with a poor EPC rating potentially cause more harm to the environment, they could cost the owner or tenant more in energy costs. These two factors could be decisive for potential investors when choosing a property.

This is making it ever more important for the owners of older properties to seek changes to their property. The costs of installations and implementations could be more than superseded by the subsequent savings that can be made. Furthermore, property owners can apply to be part of the Green Deal, wherein the government will grant property owners a loan to make improvements to their properties. The repayments will then be made at a lower rate than the savings the installations are making. This means that parties who have made such changes will never suffer financially.

Acquiring an Energy Performance Certificate allows property owners to view how much money they are needlessly wasting on energy costs. The EPC displays the potential savings that can be made and how to make them. This amount may encourage the property owner to implement all of the relative changes that may save them significant amounts of money and lower their carbon emissions.

The government has started encouraging self-built homes. The ‘Get Britain Building’ has received backing from David Cameron and promotes the building of new energy efficient buildings and refurbishing existing properties. The reports suggesting that the UK is lagging behind other nations in the race to become energy efficient has sparked many government-ran initiatives into action.

Everybody can potentially make a positive contribution to the harmful emissions produced in the UK by seeking an EPC.

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