UK Industries Plan Greater Energy Efficiency

A number of UK industries have decided to make operational changes to help boost energy efficiency. The industries hope that their alterations will help incur a combined energy increase of 11% by the year 2020. Industries such as steelworks and farms will make cost effective and environmentally-friendly changes to their operations in a bid to help cut costs and create a healthier future for the Earth.

The industries have voluntarily set themselves targets designed to save up £300million. These savings will be made through rebates on the climate change levy which is a tax placed upon the energy usage of large industrial users.

Using a variety of energy efficient techniques; the involved industries hope to completely overhaul the money that is spent on energy in the UK. The Department of Energy and Climate Change, Gregory Barker, welcomed the decision:

“These savings will be delivered through the implementation of cost-effective measures such as high-efficiency motors, variable-speed drivers, energy-efficient boilers, improved energy-management systems and process optimisation.”

The entire country is working as a whole to improve the energy efficiency of the UK. The Government has launched initiatives designed to help persuade property owners to make energy efficient changes to their private and professional properties. Using monetary incentives; the Government hopes running costs of the country will be decreased and the environment as a whole will benefit.

The country is striving to reduce the number of carbon emissions created by more than a third from 1990 up until 2020. This will also help protect larger companies and industries from increased costs incurred by carbon-cutting measures. The Energy Department recently revealed a plan to increase power and gas bills by more than 36% by 2020.

Both private and professional properties can benefit from allowing the property to fulfil its efficiency potential. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can demonstrate to the property owner where the property can improve its efficiency and subsequently lower the incurred costs. The EPC can determine which changes to the property will incur the most significant increases in energy efficiency. These changes may include incredibly simple installations such as added insulation or double glazed windows.

Other industries involved in this project include aerospace and wood panel manufacturers.

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