UK Energy Market To Be Joined By Controversial German Supplier

A controversial German energy supplier is set to join the UK's booming retail energy market.

Controversial German energy company Stromio Energy has launched Brilliant Energy in the UK’s high performing retail energy market.

Stormio Energy has attracted criticism and is considered one of Germany’s least-liked energy suppliers, topping a common German complaints website.

The brand, categorised as a budget energy supplier, has reportedly blocked customers seeking to end their contract, forcing them to pay bigger prices due policy cost increases.

Another German import, Extra Energy, is currently top of the UK’s energy complaints table.

“We’re in one of the most competitive energy markets in the world where consumers are beginning to vote with their feet and are starting to switch –and that’s why people are attracted to the UK,” said Matt Hirst chief executive of start-up solutions group Utiligroup.

He added that there is a number of “quite large” European companies establishing themselves in Britain in addition to the controversial German energy supplier that will set up in the UK.

“At the same time, the roll-out of smart meters offers further opportunities for energy suppliers to do more and offer more to households,” he added.

“The Big Six still hold 83pc of the market share yet we have many new market entrants thriving and doing very well,” he said.

In 2016 an Ofgem report found that energy firms are overcharging the vast majority of customers.

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