UK Encouraging Europe To Alter Energy Efficiency Law

UK urges Europe to change its energy efficiency law, according to leaked documents

According to leaked documents, the UK is pushing Europe to alter one of its energy-saving targets, even though Brexit will occur before the move takes effect.

The documents also revealed that energy bills could rise and jobs may be at risk.

When Theresa May triggered article 50, the European Commission were asked by government officials to alter aspects of their flagship energy law.

The move by the UK government has attracted criticism from green campaigners, who are arguing that the Tories’ efforts to change the law is an indicator that they would not properly adopt European energy and climate policies once Brexit occurs.

The European commission aims to improve energy efficiency in 2030 by 30%, but documents scooped by Greenpeace show that the UK is lobbying Europe to change its energy efficiency laws.

The documents have shown that the UK is pushing for the law to be non-binding for EU members, and reduce the goal to 27%.

“The government is trying to lock the rest of the EU into weaker energy policies, just as we are leaving. The message ministers seem to be sending is that Brexit could trigger a race to the bottom and be used as cover for getting rid of key environmental safeguards,” said Hannah Martin, head of energy at Greenpeace.

It recently emerged that EON wants to put energy efficiency first, when it comes to the UK’s energy policy.

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