Two-Thirds of Britons Unaware of ‘The Green Deal’

Despite increased media coverage and government encouragement; nearly two-thirds of UK citizens are still unaware of the Green Deal and other energy efficiency plans. David Cameron looks set to try and make 2013 the year that Britain truly commits to going green and decreasing its energy output.

Government schemes to improve energy efficiency have really gathered scheme in recent months, in particular the Green Deal that came into effect last month (January 2013). The Green Deal is an initiative to help property owners lower their energy costs and output.

The government now has the responsibility of making all Britons aware of the schemes and initiatives that they may be able to benefit from. Simply additions and implementations can help many property owners throughout the UK make great savings on their energy costs.

A YouGov poll surveyed 1,960 adults in the UK and only 39% were aware of the scheme. That left 61% unaware of the Green Deal which allows professional and private property owners to implement energy efficiency improvements at no up-front cost.

Despite this, experts are still optimistic about the schemes and believe that more and more people will be educated about their benefits as time progresses. Executive director of Behaviour Change, David Hall said: “From a marketing perspective having over a third of the public aware of a new product or service within a week of its launch is a very creditable performance.”

The Green Deal allows people to take out low-interest loans to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties. Forgoing the initial costs will be very alluring for many who can make significant long-term savings after implementing improvements.

With the aid of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), property owners can evaluate how much energy and money their property is wasting. The EPC will highlight where and how the property owners can reduce their monthly energy outgoings. Implementations such as added insulation and double glazed windows can help the property owner make great monetary savings.

Chair of the Green Switchover project, Ian Cheshire is enthusiastic about the Green Deal: “It’s very encouraging to see that the Green Deal is already beginning to cut through so early in its existence. This progress shows that the government, businesses and charities can be a powerful combination when it comes to getting new messages out to the public. Continued collaboration and innovation will be needed in order to get to a place where energy efficiency is second nature for everyone.”

It is becoming apparent that as the year progresses, more and more people will become aware of and benefit from the Green Deal and all of the government’s energy efficiency schemes.

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