The Importance Of Energy Efficiency For Buy-To-Let Landlords

Savvy ‘buy-to-let’ landlords monitor a wide range of different factors and variables when deciding upon properties to invest in. The patterns in the market, popularity of surroundings and amenities will always factor heavily into investment decisions made by the landlords. However, another increasingly important factor that holds weight in the decision making of the landlord to be is the energy efficiency of the property.

With new laws dictating that greater credence and exposure must be afforded to the energy efficiency and energy performance, it is taken into consideration by more tenants than ever before, Advertising materials for properties are now required by law to state the energy performance ranking of the property. This will naturally be taken into consideration by those looking to rent the property. The better the energy efficiency, the greater the savings that can be made on the property. Private and professional properties alike can incur significantly higher monthly energy bills if their efficiency ratings are lower. Getting the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from a lowly G up to a respectable C could save significant amounts every month and make the property in question far more attractive to potential tenants.

The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes have helped bring energy efficiency to the forefront of people’s attention. These schemes are designed to help property owners and tenants alike make great savings on their energy bills whilst helping incur lower levels of environmentally damaging carbon emissions.

Landlords can benefit greatly from both of these Government-led schemes. The Green Deal is designed to offer a low cost loan to property owners to make energy efficient alterations and implementations to their property. These installations can include new boilers or added insulation. The property owner never has to pay back the loan at a higher rate than the amount that they are saving on their energy bills as a result of the installations, this means that they are never out of pocket from making the changes.

The ECO scheme places the responsibility upon energy companies to make changes to properties and areas that are most in need of cost effective installations. These privately funded installations can result in significant savings for some of the country’s most in-need households.

The Government has recently published a guide for the property industry, detailing everything that landlords need to know about going green and improving the cost efficiency of their properties.

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