The Importance Of An Up-To-Date EPC

The importance of an up to date EPC

Since being introduced in England and Wales in 2007, an energy performance certificate is now the quintessential way to verify your home or commercial property.

The role of an energy performance certificate is to demonstrate to you, the government and others the energy performance of a home or property, and the law requires it for homes and commercial properties.

EPCs will illustrate various home energy efficiency elements’ performance, like heating systems and insulation.

An up-to-date energy performance certificate is a legal requirement for homes and most commercial properties that have more than 50m2 of floor space.

To improve your grade, you can have energy efficient installations made to your home. These include energy lighting, efficient heating systems, solar panels, loft insulation or wall cavity insulation.

E.P Carlson offer genuine energy performance certificates and offers insight on how to improve and make energy efficient alterations to your home or property.

A recent study found that by improving energy efficiency you could save £290 per year.


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