The Green Deal Receives Added Marketing Impetus

Despite the freeze on government marketing, the Green Deal has received a boost by being allowed to advertise the scheme. Nearly £3m has been made available for the marketing war chest.

Green Deal representatives had previously attempted to shift the marketing onto firms carrying out the work. With the allowance to advertise themselves, the Department for energy and Climate Change will begin to market the service that becomes available on 28 January next year.

This decision will add extra authority to the marketing. Potential private and commercial customers are likely to be more trusting of a marketing campaign led by a government ran body. With the Green Deal being available to millions of households and commercial properties from the start of 2013, the marketing can have a widespread effect that could cover a large area.

The Energy and Climate Change Minister, Greg Baker has revealed the government’s pleasure at the progress the Green Deal is making: “[The Department is making] excellent progress on the Green Deal. We now have funds for a communications campaign that will build further understanding of the Green Deal, helping to create a real buzz.”

“When you add our fantastic cash back into the mix, it’s clear that the Green deal is building momentum and will be a brilliant offer for people.”

The Government recently backed the “Green Deal”, and encouraged more energy performance certificates to help battle climate change.

Brian Andreas, a sustainability leader for Saint-Gobain has echoed these sentiments: “It is particularly encouraging that an initial £2.9million has been set aside for a new communications campaign designed to build understanding and trust in the Green Deal.”

The Green Deal is a scheme set to encourage property owners to increase and improve their energy efficiency. Millions of pounds are being wasted every year by households and commercial properties that are not fulfilling their energy efficiency potential.

As well as potentially saving the customer a large amount of money in subsequent energy bills; improving Energy Efficiency can help have a positive effect on the environment. The lower level of carbon emissions produced by a property, the lower the damage that property will impart upon the environment.

An Energy Performance Certificate demonstrates to a property owner the amount of money that can be saved with property improvements. The certificate further notes what changes need to be made to help the property reach its energy efficiency potential. Changes to the property such as added insulation or replacement windows can help the property reach its energy efficiency potential.

Building Surveyors use state-of-the-art technologies such as Thermal Imaging to determine what changes a property requires to reach its energy efficiency potential.

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