Tackle Your Soaring Energy Costs

Over the last few years goes without saying that for many people it has been tough with many households feeling the pinch financially. Energy costs are one item which seems to have simply spiralled out of control with a 131.1% rise over the last few years!

These prices have risen above the Retail Price Index and this has caused “fuel poverty” amongst millions of UK households. We have some great ideas to slash money from your annual energy bills – there are some significant savings to be made!

Upgrade Old Appliances

Newer appliances are without a doubt more energy efficient for the most part and also have a much longer lifespan than those which are older. Take a look at the energy efficiency stickers on appliances and try and choose an A rated one as this will save you money on your energy bills due to its enhanced efficiency.

Consider Renewable Energy Sources

Slightly more complicated as it can involve the installation of new systems to your home and having then to connect these to the National Grid, considering renewable energy sources can sometimes achieve results which can be really worth the initial investment. Solar PV panels can save you £750 per year, and these can benefit from a Feed-In-Tariff scheme which provides income based on electricity generated by the panels.

Invest in Boosting Your Home’s Energy Rating

Quite a broad topic to cover at length but there are a whole range of ways in which you can improve your homes overall energy efficiency without having to tear down walls and build new structures. Every property in the UK is given an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and this rates your home from A (most efficient) to G (not efficient at all). Loft insulation, general draught proofing, double glazing and even triple glazing, energy efficient light bulbs and wall insulation are just a few of the ways in which you can boost your homes energy rating.

Switch Energy Tariffs or Providers

Every year you should shop around; make a bigger difference to your energy bills by looking into different energy suppliers. Some companies you may find can offer you a better deal, even better than your renewal so it would seem it doesn’t pay to be loyal these days! Price comparison sites found online can do all the legwork for you so it saves you the hassle, many people claim huge savings after making the switch so make sure you do take the time to shop around.

Carefully Monitor Your Usage

Unplugging appliances and turning off lights is one thing however, you can get yourself a device which carefully monitors your energy usage. These cost around £20-£30 with some energy companies offering these for free; you plug them into a wall socket at home and that’s it, you then receive detailed real time readout of the number of watts/KW your home uses currently.

You can see when you’re using higher than normal amounts of energy and then do your best to switch off unnecessary appliances and in doing this you could see a 5-15% drop in usage.

All of these tips can help you to save energy, make your home energy efficient and ultimately save you money on your bills which can help you to have money left over to do the things that matter!

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