Study: Huge Benefits From Energy Efficiency Investments

A working paper discussing a single federal efficiency programme in a low-income area in Michigan has found that energy efficient investments deliver huge benefits to both consumers financially and the environment.

The paper, which hasn’t been peer reviewed and wasn’t supposed to be taken as gospel, analysed the Weatherization Assistance Programme from the Department of Energy in Michigan.

According to the results, residents that participated in the project made 10 to 20 percent bill savings and other improvements such as asbestos removal and electrical wiring updates amounting to the value of approximately $1000.

Other positives from the study were that efficiency programmes like this produced a range of economic and environmental positives, such as there is no need to build transmission lines or power plants and reduces damage to public health from air pollution.

The study widely reaffirmed the opinion that energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest and cleanest way to battle climate change and reduce emissions from power plants.

To learn more about the facts, visit this blog that delves deeper into how energy efficient investments deliver benefits.

A UK study found that there are huge savings to be made by energy efficient installations.

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