Reform UK’s Failed Energy Efficiency Push – Watchdog

UK consumer watchdog Which? has said that the millions of draughty homes are a result of successive governments’ failure to properly tackle energy efficiency.

Which? is calling for a fresh approach to energy efficiency in order to properly battle fuel poverty, high energy bill and climate change.

The UK’s supposed commitment to battling climate change was intensified as the Government promoted energy performance certificates to help energy efficiency.

However, the Government has struggled to properly leave its mark on energy efficiency schemes, but have been urged to persevere with their efforts.

“With millions of homes still not insulated, energy efficiency is a collective failure of successive governments. The next government must grab this issue by the scruff of the neck and commit to an aggressive energy efficiency strategy as soon as it takes power,” said Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd.

“We want to see radical improvements to the rollout, funding and take up of energy efficiency measures so people can enjoy warmer homes, lower bills and better health.”

According to the Which? report, 7.4m homes do not have good ceiling insulation and 5.4m homes have unfilled cavity walls. Moreover, the NHS spent £1.36bn on treating illnesses exacerbated by cold homes.

The report has advised the next government to create a single funding pot to allow local authorities to distribute money and make the changes. Which? are also calling for a revamp on the Green Deal, which has attained miniature success.

Despite being lauded by many, the Green Deal’s ‘pay-as-you-save’ scheme has seen just 9583 improved in two years. It will be interesting to see if the Government listens to the advice from Which? and reforms its “failed” energy efficiency drive.

It seems unlikely with a General Election on the horizon…

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