EU Plan Energy Use Cut 30% By 2030

EU Plan Energy Use Cut 30% By 2030

The European Commission is planning to have cut energy use in 2030 by 30% across the bloc in attempt of lowering its carbon footprint.

The proposal was unveiled by the Commission as part of the Paris Agreement, a treaty which aims to battle climate change.

In addition, the new proposals have revealed an ongoing search for renewables and also pledge to give customers more options to sell the electricity they produce.

However, the measures have attracted criticism from several green organisations who suggest that the proposals haven’t rejected subsidies to coal.

The Commission is hoping that a 30% binding target for energy efficiency will inspire smart metering and innovative designs. If the target is to be met, energy suppliers and distributors must save 1.5% each year from 2021 to 2030.

“I’m particularly proud of the binding 30% energy efficiency target,” said Miguel Arias Cañete, EU climate commissioner.

“It will reduce our dependency on energy imports, create jobs and cut more emissions.”

Brook Riley, a member of Friends of the Earth, has said it’s good to see the commitment from the EU.

“It is a real achievement and it will lift millions of people out of energy poverty and increase emissions cuts, but all of these elements are better with higher ambition. Why stop at 30%? Why not go further and meet the EU’s full potential?”

It is not yet known if the changes will take affect in the UK before Brexit.

The EU recently hit its energy efficiency target 6 years early, an achievement the UK played a huge role in.

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