Increased Energy Bills For Homeowners Due To Misleading Efficiency Claims

Increased Energy Bills Due To Misleading Efficiency

Planners are making incorrect pledges regarding the green credentials of properties and new buildings, giving homeowners and property-owners high-energy bills, a study has found.

According to research provided by the University of Bath, thousands of new homes, schools and workplaces are using 50% more energy than they need, as their efficiencies have been grossly overestimated.

If properties performed at the aforementioned level, carbon dioxide levels could be cut significantly. Currently, through heating cooking and lighting, structures account for almost 50% of Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2020, the UK Government is aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 34%, and by 80% at 2050. However, experts have indicated that the aims will not be met if builders continue to mislead clients about their home energy efficiency.

“It’s a serious scandal,” said David Coley, Professor of Low Carbon Design at the University of Bath. “It affects all new buildings as well as the refurbishment of older ones.”

“When one school in Plymouth was rebuilt, the energy bills for a month ended up costing the same as for an entire year in the old 1950s building.

“The problem is nobody checks that the building is performing as promised. There is very little regulation. They can’t be sued. It’s like a surgeon not being bothered about whether their patient lived or died.

“The impact of the inaccuracies of building modelling professionals has severe financial and environmental implications for both the government’s global warming targets as well as building owners who are purchasing homes and other buildings that are sold to be energy efficient but in reality are not.”

Despite this, it appears the UK, and indeed the world, is stepping up the fight to climate change, despite Donald Trump believing that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

In 2016, record renewable energies were implemented into energy systems around the world.

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