Home Energy Efficiency Key To Tackling Climate Change

Home energy efficiency is key to tackling climate change.

A report has found that around 25 million homes need to be made more energy efficient in order to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

Following the Paris Agreement, the UK are committed to reaching a variety of climate targets, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

After taking action to decarbonise electricity, researchers from the Imperial College Centre for Energy Policy and Technology believe that the UK Government should target emissions from our household’s heating.

It has recently been found by a report that home energy efficiency reduces CO2 emissions. However, despite launching the Green Deal, the Government has failed to make any significant energy savings.

In fact, the then Tory-Lib Dem Government has faced criticism from consumer watchdog Which?, who urged the legislators to reform its energy efficiency push.

“Although 25 million homes seems to be an almost insurmountable target, we believe it can be done,” says Dr Keith MacLean, the lead author of the Imperial College report, stressing the importance of home energy efficiency to tackle climate change.

“We just need to start as soon as possible and have long term planning, strategies and investment in infrastructure.”

In addition, the report offers a rather more developed view of the traditional perspective of making domestic gas boilers electric.

The report delves through a wide range of options such as using existing gas grids with hydrogen, the electrification of heat production and using energy efficient, low carbon district heating.

“I think the take home message of the report is that each of the infrastructure solutions studied has a role to play, but none is a silver bullet.”

“What we would like to see is early pilot developments to help inform decision makers decisions about the various solutions.”

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