Green Deal Powerhouse Enters Administration

One of the Green Deal’s major players, Enact Energy Renewables, has gone into administration less than 6 months after the launch of the scheme. Recording 29 job losses, the Cornwall based Government-backed Green-Deal provider has folded after 17 years of operation.

Administrators of Begbies Traynor took control of Enact at the end of May. A statement they release revealed: “29 members of the company’s staff were made redundant on account of the company’s insolvency” and the joint administrators will now seek to find “a purchaser for some or all of the company’s business undertaking and assets.”

The well-regarded and well-respected firm entered into administration for reasons unknown but these events are sure to embarrass the Government who have promoted the Green Deal as their flagship initiative to improve energy efficiency in the UK. The initial target that the Government set was to insulate 14 million UK homes as a part of the Green Deal by 2020. Further embarrassment will be caused to George Eustace, who is MP for Cornwall and the Prime Minister’s new energy advisor.

Contrary to the Government’s intentions, the number of cavity wall insulations completed since the Green Deal came into effect has actually fallen. This is despite more than 9,000 Green Deal assessments having been carried out since the start of the scheme. Green Deal assessors have been struggling to turn assessments into plans.

The director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, Andrew Warren, revealed the shock that met this news. “This well regarded company is just the latest casualty in an alarmingly long line of those who took at face value the commitment to ensure a seamless transition between the various energy saving programmes abandoned at the end of 2012 – Warm Front, CERT, CESP – and the brave new world of the ECO and Green Deal. One in four of those who were employed last December in installing insulation have now lost their jobs.”

Despite the limited success of the Green Deal scheme there are still massive gains to be accrued from making energy efficient changes to a property. By increasing their energy efficiency, property owners can slash the costs of heating, lighting and powering their homes and offices. An Energy Performance Certificate can help property owners understand where their properties are wasting energy and what changes can be made to save them money every year.

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