Green Deal Failed To Make Energy Savings

According to statisitcs, only 1% of households joined the now defunct Green Deal scheme, which has apparently failed to deliver any ‘meaningful benefit’.

Official auditors have found that the Green Deal programme, which aimed to insulate UK homes, cost the taxpayer close to £400m and delivered no energy or carbon savings.

The Government signed the Green Deal in 2013 with the hope of improving domestic energy efficiency. However, the Tories pulled the plug on the Green Deal recently.

The National Audit Office have examined the Green Deal and discovered that the Department for Energy and Climate Change spent £240m trying to make it work, with an additional £154m on the home improvement fund.

1.4 million UK homes reportedly benefitted from methods such as new boilers and insulation by the end of 2015, but only 1% (14,000) opted into the Green Deal scheme.

“The Department of Energy and Climate Change has been flying blind when it comes to implementing the green deal and energy company obligation (ECO). The schemes have cost over £3bn to date, but the department has achieved little energy savings compared to previous schemes,” said Meg Hillier, Chairwoman of the public accounts committee.

Hillier has effectively accused ministers and officials of having no idea how to implement the Green Deal scheme effectively.

The UK Government that launched the Green Scheme was hoping to tackle climate change, energy security and fuel poverty, but has failed to really improve energy efficiency in the UK’s 27 million homes. The homes are responsible for more than a quarter of the country’s emissions.

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