Government Urged To Persevere With Energy Efficiency Schemes

Members of Parliament will today stress the importance of persevering with energy efficiency schemes despite the difficult time that they have suffered. The MPs supporting energy efficiency will urge the Government to cut the subsidies that are currently paid out to the fossil fuel industries rather than energy efficiency schemes.

The Government have subsidised the fossil fuel industries with the intention of lowering energy bills but will be challenged to replace this tactic with one with a far great long-term objective and green energy directive. The Government has encouraged usage of Energy Performance Certificates to promote energy efficiency and help battle climate change.

Influential energy consumption advisory group the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) is set to publish a new report that will demonstrate how the short-term plans currently implemented by the Government could derail long-term objectives and energy prosperity. The committee chairwoman Joan Walley believes that the Government should not underestimate the importance of maintaining long-term energy efficiency plans.

“A short-term bid to cut bills must not throw energy and climate change policy off-course,” said Ms Walley. “In the longer term green levies could actually keep bills down if they drive energy efficiency improvements that cut the cost of heating our homes. Insulating homes and supporting green technologies is vital to help the fuel poor and cut the emissions causing climate change.”

David Powell, economics campaigner at Friends of the Earth, echoes these sentiments: “It’s astonishing that the Chancellor is preparing to slash funding to insulate the homes of the poorest in society, while throwing billions of pounds of tax breaks at oil and gas firms to keep the nation hooked on increasingly costly fossil fuels. There are good subsidies and extremely bad ones – government funding should be targeted at energy efficiency and renewables and building a low-carbon power system we can all afford.”

Energy conscious groups will hope that the Government considers the long-term effects of financing fossil fuel usage although it appears as though it is a central part of their energy scheme.

A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesperson revealed: “The UK faces a huge investment challenge to ensure security of supply, and keep energy bills affordable while meeting targets for economy-wide decarbonisation. To meet our energy objectives, the government needs to diversify the mix of energy, increasing and accelerating the use of low-carbon energy in the UK. The committee has recognised the importance of Government support in bringing forward investment where there is a market failure that would act as a barrier to do so in the absence of those incentives.”

It was revealed in May that UK industries were planning greater energy efficiency. However, a Green Deal powerhouse worryingly collapsed and entered administration in July.

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