Governing Body Reissues Energy Efficiency Aims

The Department for Energy and Climate change has recently outlined a new set of energy efficiency aims for businesses and the public sector. The new aims include a wide variety of initiatives and guides to create greater understanding of energy usage and to educate more people about the benefits of more energy products.

The self-title Greenest Government Ever has placed great importance on lowering the level of carbon emissions created in the UK homes. Using cost effective techniques, private and commercial property owners can save significant capital whilst helping the environmental plight of the Earth.

The newly outlined aims include a £39m fund to create five End Use Energy Demand centres. These centres will be led by top universities with intention of analysing energy demand drivers and behavioural changes.

Studies will be undertaken regarding the financing and upgrading of equipment used to create more energy-efficient options. Whilst aimed primarily at commercial properties, these studies will also aid the implementation of increased energy efficiency in private properties.

One of the country’s leading technological providers GSH Group has applauded the decision from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Their spokesperson Aneysha Minocha explained: It is refreshing to see the government taking a positive step to bring the focus squarely back on energy efficiency as an important part of the future of the UK economy. The Government recently backed the ‘Green Deal’, in attempt to help the environment.

CIBSE president David Firsk detailed the important of energy efficiency: It can help us to keep the lights on, keep the less well-off warm, reduce our dependence on imported energy, reduce the levels of investment needed for new generating capacity and contribute to a stronger economy.

Homeowners can seek out an Energy Performance Certificate to determine how energy efficient their property is. The Energy Performance Certificate signifies how much energy is being wasted by a property and subsequently how much additional cost this is causing.

Breaking down the causes of a property’s inefficiency, an Energy Performance Certificate can help property owners discover what changes need be made to reach their energy efficiency potential upon receipt.

Skilled home surveyors use state-of-the-art technology such as Thermal Imaging to determine where the excess emissions are being produced. Changes to the property can then be made to reduce these emissions. Common property alterations include the implementation of insulation in the walls and attics as well as replacement windows.

All of these changes can help save the property owner money on their energy bills as well as help the environment.

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