FLIR T400bx Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, tools that were once available only to those at the very top of their profession are becoming more readily available to the rest of the public. Now, casual joggers can check their heartbeat on their iPhone while mapping their run via GPS, internet surfers can scour the virtual globe and, with affordable thermal imaging cameras, building inspectors can use state-of-the-art technology to get the job done effectively.

FLIR Systems, an Australian tech company, has developed a new pair of affordable thermal imaging cameras entitled the T400bx Series. Designed to fulfil the requirements of advanced practitioners and beginners alike, these powerful tools are about as user-friendly as such cameras can get. The manufacturer puts a strong emphasis on ergonomics, ensuring customers that their products can be used for several hours each day.

The two cameras in the T400bx series both deliver an impressive performance. The T420bx, and the more powerful T440bx, operate in temperature ranges of -20°C to 350°C and 650°C respectively. The T420bx has 4x digital zoom, whereas the higher spec model is capable of 8x digital zoom. Both cameras present images at 320 x 240 pixels and feature the same simple interface for minimum fuss.

In terms of portability, FLIR has come up with a compact product that is sure to be a hit in the building inspection and surveillance industry, as well as possibly having other applications in areas such as law enforcement. Far from just recording thermal images, the T400bx Series simplifies the whole inspection process with a slew of extra features.

Firstly, the cameras each feature a compass, which allows the exact direction of the camera to be added to the image automatically, saving the user time and improving inspection accuracy. As with so many gadgets today, a touch screen is utilised, providing the user with the means to highlight any areas of interest by sketching onto the screen directly. Throughout an inspection, a T400bx Series camera will store the information garnered and produce an instant report.

Like any other new pieces of tech, it is vital that these thermal imaging cameras are compatible with laptops, tablets and smart phones. FLIR has this covered with the use of built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows images to be transferred to other devices, as well as providing the option of remote operation if required. The cameras also make use of Bluetooth functionality, communicating with other professional measurement devices through a Meterlink function, ideal for larger scale inspections.

The FLIR T420bx and T440bx thermal imaging cameras both come with a manoeuvrable optical unit for comfortable use and FLIR Tools PC software, which carries out basic reporting and analysis functions. For more information on thermal imaging, check out our blog ‘What is Thermal Imaging?’ .

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