European Households Could Save A Third On Energy Bills By 2020

EU regulations and national schemes are leading to a Europe that could dash their energy costs by a third in just over 5 years. Energy saving installations and schemes means that more and more Europeans are cutting their energy costs and saving significant amounts of money every year. Whilst this may be bad news for the utilities but it is great news for the general public, many of whom have struggled since the double dip recession.

These utility companies are being forced to alter their methods in order to maintain their customers who are more aware of the energy saving techniques that could save them incredible amounts of money every year. McKinsey are one such utility provider that are demonstrating that modern techniques can be implemented by the utilities to maintain their customer base and profits.

McKinsey partner, Giorgio Busnelli, revealed: “By 2020, and using technologies that are not science fiction, new homes could use 10% of the power they consume today. This requires utilities to develop new business models if they want to remain competitive.”

These business models will have to take advantage of the modern technologies that are benefitting property owners. More and more people are understanding how modern technologies and schemes can help them reduce their energy expenditure thanks to Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and the help of experts.

An EPC can help property owners understand where their property is using excessive amounts of energy and help them make decisions regarding energy-saving changes and installations. The EPC is designed to help property owners unlock the potential of their home or office with quick and simple alterations.

Government schemes such as the Green Deal are making it simpler and more cost effective than ever to make those energy efficiency alterations within a property. The Green Deal offers property owners loans to pay for energy efficiency changes to their property. The loan repayments are made back to the Government at a lower rate than the savings that are being made, meaning that the person benefitting from the green deal will never be out of pocket.

Government schemes have been set up throughout many of the EU nations designed to increase the energy efficiency of corporations and companies. These schemes are designed to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions that companies within the EU produce but also present huge financial benefits.

The opportunity to decrease energy costs by a third is certain to be attractive to many property owners throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

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