Eon: Put Energy Efficiency First

Energy Efficiency should be a top priority, says Eon

Energy company Eon wants energy efficiency to be at the centre of the UK’s energy policy.

Eon have also asked legislators not to disturb competitive markets, ahead of proposed changes to customers on pricy standard variable tariffs.

Moreover, they have urged the Government to toughen their stance on smart meters so everyone has one. Right now, customers can say no to a smart meter if they wish to.

They have also asked the Tories to initiate a “level playing field” for decentralised generation.

Eon also want energy efficiency tax breaks for businesses so they have an incentive to seize upon energy audits.

“We need a coherent set of energy policies and an adherence to guiding principles that will deliver the best outcomes for customers,” Michael Lewis, Eon Chief Executive.

The Conservative Party are currently busy battling for the general election on June 8, and have lost considerable ground in the leadership race, according to opinion polls. That said, they are still widely expected to win the election.

Their manifesto has made some energy efficiency pledges, but has far from prioritised it, and Eon want an energy efficiency push.

It recently emerged that homeowners were facing higher energy bills due to misleading energy efficiency claims.

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