Energy Errors Costing Homes Hundreds Per Year

UK adults wasting money on energy

Due to a basic lack of knowledge about energy efficiency, households may be squandering hundreds of pounds per year in energy bills, new research from Anglian Home Improvements has found.

The poll, involving 1000 participants, found that just 14% of respondents were aware that the optimal temperature for a home is 21 degrees, with 24% thinking it was higher than 21 degrees.

According to Energy Saving Trust, for each degree Celsius added to a thermostat costs around £65 per year, meaning those using too much temperature are losing money.

Moreover, UK adults are not completely aware of the money spent powering appliances that are on standby mode. Around 17% believe between £41 and £50 is spent in this way, where as it is, on average, twice this, at £80 annually.

Among the other energy efficiency mistakes UK adults make are: 50% leave the TV on standby; 44% leave plugs switched on, 35% leave their phones on charge during the night; 28% leave the tap on whilst cleaning their teeth and 27% leave their laptop on charge for more than an hour.

“I think most of us would describe ourselves as being energy efficient, but it’s easy to forget all the little habits – like leaving the lights on when we leave a room – can lead to higher energy bills,” said Melanie McDonald, head of PR and Brand Marketing and Anglian Home Improvements.

“The survey showed that energy efficiency is a big deciding factor in the house buying process, so we would advise anyone thinking of selling their home in the near future to focus on the efficiency of their property as well as the decor.”

“Homeowners can get instant results on their energy savings by improving the quality of their windows. Switching from single glazing to our double glazed windows will save money and significantly reduce heat loss. Even replacing older double glazed windows to our modern A rated double glazed windows will make a difference.”

It has recently emerged that home energy efficiency is key to tackling climate change and a report recommended lowering tax on energy efficient homes as an incentive.

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