Energy Efficient Homes Saving Thousands Every Year

Homes that have been given energy efficient makeovers are saving their owners thousands of pounds every year. The initial offsets to make such changes are soon being compensated by the lower costs of living that the improvements help provide.

The recession in particular has provided impetus for millions of people around the world to live in a more energy efficient and subsequently cost efficient manner.

Property owners can discover how much money that their properties are using and the potential savings that can be made with the use of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Many people are offering their testimonials that demonstrate the benefits of their energy efficient properties and lifestyles. Harold Armitage spent £19,000 making his home more energy efficient.

Mr Armitage is a retired energy-efficiency engineer so he knows how to implement changes to save money. Changes such as quadruple glazing windows, additional insulation, solar panels and solar water heating have been made by Mr Armitage at the cost of £19,000.

Mr Armitage predicts that his implementations are saving him £4,000 a year. This means that within 5 years, he and his wife will be saving money and profiting from his additions and chances. The reduced energy bills have allowed him to budget better and easier.

He revealed: “We’re hedging against tomorrow’s fuel prices. It’s been apparent to me for years that the government has mucked up our power supply. There’s no need for anybody in this country to have energy poverty. The house is designed for maximum efficiency and the exterior looks no different from any other house.

Keith and Kathryn Searle have made similar findings when making alterations to their home:

“When we first moved in, the first thing we did was put more insulation in the loft. Shortly after that we filled the wall cavities with foam insulation. I don’t like waste in any form so energy conservation is a fairly natural thing for me to do.”

“For us, it has been a great success. Maybe we just got lucky. I expect energy bills to rise, so I think what we’ve done will pay dividends in future. Our energy consumption has come down. If you don’t spend money on insulation, you’ll spend it on higher bills.”

An EPC will pinpoint where a property can improve its energy efficiency. Realising the energy consumption potential of a property can render significant benefits almost immediately.

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