Energy Efficient Homes Create Jobs

Economists have mused that the prospect of further governmental investment in home energy efficiency programmes could create 9,000 jobs and boost the economy, as well as tackle climate change.

Researchers want to see a national infrastructure programmes to make Scottish homes more energy efficient and reduce fuel poverty.

According to the Scottish Government, 40% of homes in the country now fall within the bracket of the top three energy efficiency ratings. It has recently emerged that the UK played a pivotal role in helping the EU reach its energy efficiency target six years early, demonstrating some of the great work currently being done in the UK.

Economists from the University of Strathclyde and London School of Economics are backing the sentiments of Existing Homes Alliance to shake up Scotland’s housing stock and boost home energy efficiency.

“Our own research shows that energy efficiency improvements free up disposable income for low-income households to better heat their homes or to spend on other things,” said Professor Karen Turner, University of Strathclyde.

“This helps reduce fuel poverty and drive new economic activity, delivering a long term and lasting boost to the economy on top of the infrastructure programme itself.”

“With the UK economy still reeling in shock from the EU referendum, energy efficiency investment is a direct shot in the arm, delivering a relatively rapid economic stimulus.”

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