How The ECO Order Can Benefit You

As the Government-led Green Deal continues to hog the headlines, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) order has remained somewhat under the radar. Many industry insiders have suggested that the ECO order will in fact eclipse the Green Deal in terms of popularity due to the widespread benefits and the millions of UK citizens that may enjoy lower energy costs and improved energy efficiency.

The ECO order places an obligation upon energy providers to increase energy efficiency in low income households and areas. These changes will help those living in low income areas save money on their energy bills. This order has been implemented by the Government as part of their on-going initiative to lower the energy emissions of the UK.

Anybody in a low income household or low income area may be entitled to benefit from the ECO order. ECO advisors will be able to determine any energy inefficiency within the property and advise any changes that would be beneficial when implemented. This can include the implementation of additional insulation within the property or improved heating devices.

The energy supplier is obligated to arrange for and fund any approved improvements to the properties that are required. This will eliminate the burden placed upon property owners to make cost-effective alterations designed to lower energy bills.

It is possible to use the ECO order in conjunction with the Green Deal. The Green Deal offers the home owner a loan worth up to £1,000 to make changes and home improvements. If the total costs of the home alterations exceed £1,000, the additional costs may be applicable to cover with the aid of the ECO order. This will cover larger installations such as solid wall insulation.

As well as individual homes, whole low –income areas can benefit greatly from the ECO order. The energy provider will be obligated to improve the heating systems throughout the community and the affected homes. Those in rural households that are considered low-income or vulnerable can benefit from these installations. The ECO order dictates that 15% of the budget must be reserved for such areas.

Homes with faulty boilers may be applicable for repair or replacement. Faulty boilers are seldom energy efficient and can often lead to a significant amount of wasted energy costs. A new or fixed boiler has the potential to heat the home at its full energy efficiency. This free replacement or repair could revolutionise the home heating bills of those low income areas and households.

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