Decrease Commercial Costs Using An Energy Performance Certificate

All companies want to reduce their overheads as much as possible. By doing this, their profits can be significantly improved and their investors kept happy. Reducing costs can be a headache for the accounts team as they explore avenues to squeeze every last penny out of potential money-saving acts. One of the most common techniques is to invest in more economical resources. If less money can be spent and the same end result achieved then the company benefits greatly.

Many of the costs that will be cut are the luxuries. Simple amenities such as branded tea bags and biscuits for the staff can set the company back a considerable amount every year. Large companies with many employees could see that high cost redirected elsewhere and maximise profits.

The accounts team may not be able to completely cut the costs of some of the necessary resources such as light, heat and shelter for the company. However, there is one way these costs can be significantly reduced.

By obtaining a renewed Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), the company can see clearly how much excess money that they are wasting on their energy bills. The energy Performance Certificate highlights where excess energy is being lost and wasted and how much it is costing the property owner. The EPC indicates how energy and cost-effective the property could be and how to achieve that efficiency.

Additions to the property such as insulation and replacement windows can significantly reduce the amount of heat and energy lost from the building. Implementing these changes helps maximise the amount of energy retained, thus lowering the total energy usage and therefore the costs.

A skilled team of Building Surveyors and Commercial energy Assessors will use cutting-edge technology such as Thermal Imaging to determine the wasted energy of a property. When they have determined the lost energy; they will offer their expert advice as to how to fix these problems.

The initial cost of implementing these changes will be more than paid back with the reduced energy bills. Large buildings in particular could reap mammoth dividends from making such changes.

Alongside the financial benefits sits equally important environmental ones. The earth’s atmosphere is suffering from the excess energy that billions people around the world are using on a daily basis. The carbon emissions emanating from personal and commercial properties are creating irreversible damage to the planet. Reducing energy emissions can help slow the adverse effect we are having upon the earth. Here is an information-packed blog explaining more about EPCs.

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