Vancouver To Use Thermal Imaging To Cut Energy Costs

Canadian city Vancouver will launch the delayed thermal imaging pilot programme to identify older homes that are wasting energy. Vancouver is hoping to follow the blueprint left by areas such as Calgary, Detroit and London and use thermal imaging to help homes find where and how they can improve their energy efficiency. The programme was originally […]

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What Thermal Imaging Can Do For You

It sounds like a gadget out of a James Bond film or a handheld device used in the world of Spy VS Spy. It seems to connote images of a harsh Siberian landscape and the outline of the enemy depicted as wavy heat. However, thermal imaging can aid you in the seemingly endless battle against […]

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FLIR T400bx Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, tools that were once available only to those at the very top of their profession are becoming more readily available to the rest of the public. Now, casual joggers can check their heartbeat on their iPhone while mapping their run via GPS, internet surfers can scour the virtual globe […]

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What is Thermal Imaging?

Commonly used in a professional capacity, infrared (IR) imaging technology lends its advantages to the military, wildlife experts, fire fighters, the police and airport security, to name but a few. Nowadays, infrared equipment can be used to measure waste energy output in the form of heat. There are many benefits to thermal imaging. Because the images […]

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