The Importance Of An Up-To-Date EPC

Since being introduced in England and Wales in 2007, an energy performance certificate is now the quintessential way to verify your home or commercial property. The role of an energy performance certificate is to demonstrate to you, the government and others the energy performance of a home or property, and the law requires it for […]

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The Government dropping building energy certificates ‘beggars belief’

The government is now facing criticism after proposing to scrap Display Energy Certificates (DECs). It “simply beggars belief” according to the UK Green Building Council. DECs are the energy efficiency ratings for public buildings, so we could soon see places like town halls and public libraries dropping their energy certificate ratings. In 2008, new legislation […]

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Positive EPC Results Could Boost House Prices By A Third

One of the largest investigations into the effects and benefits of Energy Performance Certificates suggests that properties with positive energy efficiency results could be worth up to 38% more than those with poor results. The Department of Energy and Climate Change unearthed staggering results that the improvements brought about by EPCs increases property worth by […]

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Energy Performance Certificate Guidelines Updated

Energy Performance Certificate guidelines in the UK have been update by the Property and Energy Professionals Association (PEPA). This move may require energy assessors to revisit the properties that have already benefitted from the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. There has been some confusion surrounding the ECO scheme since its inception earlier this year. The […]

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New EPC Display Requirements Take Effect

The new Energy Performance Certificate display requirements have taken effect this week. As of 9 January 2013, commercial properties in England and Wales which currently have an Energy Performance Certificate will be required to put them on public display. As part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, this new ruling will help prospective buyers […]

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Decrease Commercial Costs Using An Energy Performance Certificate

All companies want to reduce their overheads as much as possible. By doing this, their profits can be significantly improved and their investors kept happy. Reducing costs can be a headache for the accounts team as they explore avenues to squeeze every last penny out of potential money-saving acts. One of the most common techniques is […]

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Government Encourages Increased Usage of Energy Performance Certificates

Homeowners who are realising their energy performance potential will be entitled to claim thousands of pounds from the Government as of January 2013. The newly created Green Deal is an initiative that seeks to help commercial and personal property owners save money on energy bills and decrease their negative impact on the environment. The initiative is set […]

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New Legislation Makes Energy Performance Certificates Compulsory for Commercial Properties

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were introduced in England and Wales on 1 August 2007 as part of Home Information Packs (HIPs) for domestic properties, and remained in force even after HIPs were abandoned a few years later in 2010. Trading Standards officers will now have the authority to request at any time that landlords produce […]

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What Is An EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which is required by law for any property in the UK which is bought, sold or rented. Essentially, a certified company attends the property and evaluates the energy usage in the property, giving the property an energy performance rating from A to G, an A rating being the most […]

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