EU Hits Energy Efficiency Target 6 Years Early

The UK has played a major role in the European Union hitting its target six-years early, cutting 15th of its energy consumption, according to a new report. A report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre showed that the EU has lowered its energy consumption from 1,133 million tonnes of oil equivalent in 2000 to […]

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Vancouver To Use Thermal Imaging For Energy Efficiency

The Canadian city Vancouver will determine how energy efficient thousands of their homes are by launching a large-scales thermal imaging programme. Chris Higgins, Vancouver’s green building planner, aims to have between 12,000 and 15,000 homes tested in the winter. Taking a leaf out of Google’s playbook with their street view, a vehicle armed with thermal […]

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Home Energy Efficiency Key To Tackling Climate Change

A report has found that around 25 million homes need to be made more energy efficient in order to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions. Following the Paris Agreement, the UK are committed to reaching a variety of climate targets, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions. After taking action to decarbonise electricity, researchers from the Imperial College Centre for […]

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Energy Efficiency ‘Reduces CO2 Emissions’

Energy efficiency can provide 38% of what is required to ensure the planet heats no more than two degrees by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency. Building is responsible for around one-third of global energy expenditure. To fight climate change, it is expected that the building sector with contribute 45% of CO2 emissions savings […]

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New Energy Efficiency Plan Criticised By Campaigners

The Chancellor’s new energy efficiency scheme has attracted criticism from campaigners who argue that the plan will mean less homes are insulated and the UK will miss fuel poverty targets. George Osbourne is a bit more optimistic, arguing that the scheme will reduce an average of £30 per year for 24 million households. The five-year scheme […]

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‘Dramatic’ Cuts Rock Renewable Energy Companies

As the Government appears to have lost faith or interest in renewable energy, hundreds of green energy companies could evaporate and tens of thousands of jobs are in jeopardy, according to industry leaders. According to senior figures within win, solar and tidal power, “dramatic” cuts for renewable energy from the Government is not instilling confidence […]

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Government Pull The Plug On Green Deal

Despite an ambitious commitment to the Green Deal, the Government has pulled the plug on funding after a disappointing 10,000 homes signed up to the energy household efficiency programme. In addition, the Government has revealed that it has launched an investigation into supposed scams that have exploited the Green Deal scheme. The Green Deal was […]

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Study: Huge Benefits From Energy Efficiency Investments

A working paper discussing a single federal efficiency programme in a low-income area in Michigan has found that energy efficient investments deliver huge benefits to both consumers financially and the environment. The paper, which hasn’t been peer reviewed and wasn’t supposed to be taken as gospel, analysed the Weatherization Assistance Programme from the Department of Energy […]

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Obama Passes Energy Efficiency Bill

On Thursday, US President Barack Obama signed a bill intended to improve energy efficiency within structures. The move had strong backing from both sides of the political spectrum, with Republicans and Democrats passing the legislation. The bill has created voluntary building efficiency standards, but stops efficiency rules for specific water heaters. “What we’ve seen is […]

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Reform UK’s Failed Energy Efficiency Push – Watchdog

UK consumer watchdog Which? has said that the millions of draughty homes are a result of successive governments’ failure to properly tackle energy efficiency. Which? is calling for a fresh approach to energy efficiency in order to properly battle fuel poverty, high energy bill and climate change. The UK’s supposed commitment to battling climate change […]

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