Tackle Your Soaring Energy Costs

Over the last few years goes without saying that for many people it has been tough with many households feeling the pinch financially. Energy costs are one item which seems to have simply spiralled out of control with a 131.1% rise over the last few years! These prices have risen above the Retail Price Index […]

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Energy Bills Could Rise By £200 In Next 6 Years

Energy supplier Npower has today warned property owners in the UK that their annual energy bills could increase by as much as £200 in the next six years if they do not implement energy efficient measures. The supplier is one of the big six who are currently facing criticism for increasing their energy costs at a rate […]

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European Households Could Save A Third On Energy Bills By 2020

EU regulations and national schemes are leading to a Europe that could dash their energy costs by a third in just over 5 years. Energy saving installations and schemes means that more and more Europeans are cutting their energy costs and saving significant amounts of money every year. Whilst this may be bad news for […]

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Make Savings With Energy Efficient Installations

Almost any property, professional or private, can benefit significantly from energy efficient installations. Significant financial and environmental improvements can be made with simple changes and alterations. Edward P. Carlson have researched the great savings that can be made every month and shared them in an informative graphic. The graphic depicts how much a property can […]

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Energy Efficient Homes Saving Thousands Every Year

Homes that have been given energy efficient makeovers are saving their owners thousands of pounds every year. The initial offsets to make such changes are soon being compensated by the lower costs of living that the improvements help provide. The recession in particular has provided impetus for millions of people around the world to live […]

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How The ECO Order Can Benefit You

As the Government-led Green Deal continues to hog the headlines, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) order has remained somewhat under the radar. Many industry insiders have suggested that the ECO order will in fact eclipse the Green Deal in terms of popularity due to the widespread benefits and the millions of UK citizens that may […]

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