Increased Energy Bills For Homeowners Due To Misleading Efficiency Claims

Planners are making incorrect pledges regarding the green credentials of properties and new buildings, giving homeowners and property-owners high-energy bills.

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UK Energy Market To Be Joined By Controversial German Supplier

Controversial German energy company Stromio Energy has launched Brilliant Energy in the UK’s high performing retail energy market. Stormio Energy has attracted criticism and is considered one of Germany’s least-liked energy suppliers, topping a common German complaints website. The brand, categorised as a budget energy supplier, has reportedly blocked customers seeking to end their contract, […]

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Record Renewable Energy Added In 2016

Record new renewable energies were implemented into energy systems around the world in 2016 for a lower cost as ‘clean’ technology fell, according to a report. 138.5 gigawatts (up 8% from 2015) were added to global power capacity courtesy of wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, small-scale hydropower, marine energy and waste-to-energy schemes. This is the same […]

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Energy Errors Costing Homes Hundreds Per Year

Due to a basic lack of knowledge about energy efficiency, households may be squandering hundreds of pounds per year in energy bills, new research from Anglian Home Improvements has found. The poll, involving 1000 participants, found that just 14% of respondents were aware that the optimal temperature for a home is 21 degrees, with 24% […]

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Green Deal Failed To Make Energy Savings

According to statisitcs, only 1% of households joined the now defunct Green Deal scheme, which has apparently failed to deliver any ‘meaningful benefit’. Official auditors have found that the Green Deal programme, which aimed to insulate UK homes, cost the taxpayer close to £400m and delivered no energy or carbon savings. The Government signed the […]

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Lower Tax On Energy Efficient Homes, Says Report

A Policy Exchange report says the Government isn’t doing enough to cut energy waste and says tax should be lowered by up to £5,000. Policy Exchange are a thinktank that works closely with the Government and subsequently, ministers are evaluating the idea. It think its proposed stamp duty change would lead to 270,000 households improving their […]

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Ofgem: Energy Firms Overcharging Customers

Energy companies are overcharging “the vast majority of people”, according to Dermot Nolan, a chief executive of industry regulator Ofgem. Nolan revealed that wholesale energy cost account for nearly half of a domestic bill, which have fallen by a third over the last year and a half. However, prices have no fallen. If households were […]

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No Low VAT For Energy-Saving Equipment

Despite Chancellor George Osbourne’s pledge to reduce VAT on energy-saving products by 5-per-cent, Brits will be paying more than they anticipated for solar panels and home insulation after the EU determined that the pledge was in breach of EU laws. The European Court says that a reduced VAT rate is only applicable for social housing, […]

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More Pensioners To Be Helped With Energy Bills

According to a government announcement, an extra 200,000 pensioners will receive assistance with their energy bills this winter. The Warm Home Discount Scheme, which is funded by energy companies, will see up to £140 being awarded per household to help with the costs of heating homes in the coming months. The number of eligible pensioners […]

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Energy Bills ‘Biggest Household Fear’ In Europe

A recent survey has shown that energy bills are now the biggest worry for homeowners in Europe, more so than their mortgage repayments. The study was conducted by Europe’s largest DIY outlet Kingfisher, who asked 17,000 households in nine European countries. Kingfisher Boss Sir Ian Cheshire said: “Rising energy prices are a very real fear […]

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