The Bonuses of Energy Efficiency

There are two widely acknowledged benefits of investing in energy efficient changes to private or professional properties. The money-saving and environmentally-friendly benefits of energy efficiency are well known and widely publicised, but some individuals are still not convinced enough to make the change.

For those who are not convinced by the opportunity save significant amounts of money every year and help care for the environment at the same time – there are a number of additional bonuses that come as extras for those making the energy efficient change. These advantages benefit both the individual making the change and the wider community as a whole.

Job Creation

Innovations and revelations in the energy efficiency industry have led to the necessity for a wider range of skills, creating more job positions. In Ireland where there has been significant investment in energy efficient technologies, it has been estimated that upwards of 19 jobs are created for every €1m invested. These jobs are a mixture of new positions and positions further up the working ladder and includes positions such as building surveyors and Energy Performance Certificate Assessors.

Potential Health Benefits

Increasing the energy efficiency of a property improves the overall health of the building and streamlines the whole operation. This can lead to a reduction in negative repercussions such as damp and mould in the home. These factors can be dangerous to the health of those who are exposed to them and could lead to conditions such as respiratory illnesses.

Property Value

The Energy Performance Certificate now must be displayed on all advertising material for properties. This tool allows for prospective buyer and tenants to discover how much the property will cost to run and this could affect their opinion of a property. If a property is energy efficient enough to save the property owner £10,000 over 3 years then they are likely to pay an extra £5,000 initially. Intelligent energy efficient installations can help the property price skyrocket. One household has made huge savings by investing in energy efficient installations.

The Rebound Effect

Those who have enjoyed significant savings when implementing energy efficient changes to their properties, will be more inclined to reinvest in more energy saving technologies. Experiencing first -hand the effects will demonstrate how a property owner can benefit and whet their appetite for more installations. This will increase the benefits that the individual incurs and the benefit to the environment.

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