Authorities Blocking Your City’s Energy Efficiency

Implementing energy efficiency changes throughout your town seems to be something of a no-brainer on the part of the relevant authorities. Energy costs and carbon emissions are both potentially cut by intelligent energy efficient strategies – surely a win/win situation. However, there are a large number of authorities throughout the UK and further afield that seem painfully reluctant to invest in energy efficiency technologies to improve the lives of their inhabitants – here are a few of the main reasons why.

Imposed Short-Termism

Many of the energy efficiency schemes could be described as ‘slow-burners’, subtle changers bringing with them great long-term benefits. Authorities that rely upon election may be unwilling to be the wheels in process due to their relative short terms in office. An authority may implement LED lighting throughout a town before being voted out of office in their next election – an opposition party would then reap the rewards of the additional efficiency and receive the accolades somewhat undeservedly. A Green Deal powerhouse recently entered administration, showing that industries often struggle with energy efficient methods.

Teamwork is Required

True energy efficiency occurs within a town or a city when the whole community is involved and contributing. California in the USA benefitted greatly when the state’s 10,000 schools all undertook energy efficient measures in 2012. Authorities may see the task of organising a full district as a large logistical task that they would rather not undertake. Once again short-termism plays a part – the current Government would be forced to tackle the costs of implementations but not enjoy the savings made.

Many of the Changes are not ‘Statements’

Unfortunately, much of what the Government practices are exercises of publicity in an attempt to curry favour with voters and nay-sayers. This means that they often give credence to schemes and initiatives that are headline-grabbers and make people sit up and take note of what they are doing. Unfortunately many of the schemes to improve energy efficiency do not fall into such a category and are rather simplistic, subtle and non-newsworthy. This could impinge upon the Government’s decision to dedicate part of the budget towards them.

The Consumers Face the Brunt of the Alternative

There are two real options for the country to take: become energy efficient or neglect to do so. When one of these routes are taken, it is impossible for the citizens to then choose their own paths to take. If energy prices continue to grow – the options are to pay them or to go without energy. The Government feel no threat if they choose to neglect energy efficiency.

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