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A residential energy performance certificate should be the first thing on your mind when preparing to build, sell or lease a property in Ormskirk because since December 2007, residential EPCs have been required by law. EPCarlson can provide you with a residential EPC for your property in Ormskirk in just 48 hours from the time of assessment.

What is assessed during the Assessment?

During the assessment of your property our domestic energy assessors will perform a discreet assessment of the following:

  • Property type
  • Age of property
  • Type of construction
  • Property dimensions
  • Room and water heating systems
  • Insulation levels
  • Windows and glazing types
  • Types of lighting

Once an assessment of your property has been carried out, you will be provided with your residential EPC within 48 hours.

How Does a Residential EPC Help?

Whether you wish to purchase a residential EPC for yourself or for prospective buyers and tenants, it is definitely worth the cost because an energy performance certificate lets you know the energy efficiency and rating of your property. In addition to providing information on the current fuel consumption of your property a list of recommendations is provided that show you what could be improved in order to increase the efficiency level of your property.

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