Eon: Put Energy Efficiency First

Energy company Eon wants energy efficiency to be at the centre of the UK’s energy policy.

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Improved Energy Efficiency Helps Save £290 A Year

In the UK, improved energy efficiency has helped diminish low carbon policy costs on energy bills and lowered emissions. As a result of energy efficient measures, the average household energy bill fell by more than £20 per month in 2016, whilst low carbon policies added around £9 a month, indicating the effectiveness of making energy […]

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MSP To Council: Apply For Energy Efficiency Funding

MSP Ben Macpherson, who has vast experience working with renewable energies, has encouraged the City of Edinburgh Council to apply for some of the Scottish Government’s £11m kitty to make energy efficiency improvements to homes, public buildings and community projects. To help local authorities test new and innovative energy efficient techniques, the second instalment of […]

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Wales To Spend £104 Million To Improve Energy Efficiency

The Welsh Government will invest £104 million over the next four years in order to increase the energy efficiency of up to around 25,000 low income households across the country. Provided by the Warm Homes Programme, the Welsh Government aims to provide the funding necessary to make home energy improvements for those living in low […]

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Improving Energy Efficiency Crucial To Paris Targets

In order to reach the goals set in the Paris Agreement, improvements to home energy efficiency will have to be made. According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, there are three ways to make these improvements; raising awareness, offering financial incentives and by altering regulations. The group says which method is utilised must […]

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EU Plan Energy Use Cut 30% By 2030

The European Commission is planning to have cut energy use in 2030 by 30% across the bloc in attempt of lowering its carbon footprint. The proposal was unveiled by the Commission as part of the Paris Agreement, a treaty which aims to battle climate change. In addition, the new proposals have revealed an ongoing search […]

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Glasgow Gives £5m To Energy Efficiency Programmes

The Glasgow City Council has pledged to give £5m to to three different energy efficiency programmes in the area. It was recently revealed in Scotland that a team of economists back energy efficient programmes as they believed that this would create around 9,000 jobs and boost the economy. £4.3m for home energy efficiency programmes will […]

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Energy Efficient Homes Create Jobs

Economists have mused that the prospect of further governmental investment in home energy efficiency programmes could create 9,000 jobs and boost the economy, as well as tackle climate change. Researchers want to see a national infrastructure programmes to make Scottish homes more energy efficient and reduce fuel poverty. According to the Scottish Government, 40% of […]

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EU Hits Energy Efficiency Target 6 Years Early

The UK has played a major role in the European Union hitting its target six-years early, cutting 15th of its energy consumption, according to a new report. A report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre showed that the EU has lowered its energy consumption from 1,133 million tonnes of oil equivalent in 2000 to […]

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Vancouver To Use Thermal Imaging For Energy Efficiency

The Canadian city Vancouver will determine how energy efficient thousands of their homes are by launching a large-scales thermal imaging programme. Chris Higgins, Vancouver’s green building planner, aims to have between 12,000 and 15,000 homes tested in the winter. Taking a leaf out of Google’s playbook with their street view, a vehicle armed with thermal […]

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