Commercial EPC

We at EPCarlson can supply a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate for any commercial property in England and Wales, offering a top-class service at superbly low rates.

From small shops to large multinational concerns, we provide fast, efficient Commercial EPC solutions. Our qualified, government accredited Energy Assessors pride themselves on their expertise and friendly, personal service.

What will my Commercial EPC cost?

You’ll be pleased to know that a Commercial EPC doesn’t have to be expensive. We at EPCarlson can provide a Commercial EPC from as little as £89. Of course, this does depend on the size and complexity of the building, but you’ll find our quotes hard to beat.

Your Commercial EPC will include a detailed analysis of the building’s energy efficiency, resulting in a final Energy Efficiency Rating between A and G, G being the most efficient. Areas examined include:

• The type of building – number of floors, composition, size and age.
• Heating, ventilation and cooling systems.
• Existing energy-saving devices 
A separate report lists ways in which energy efficiency can be improved.

Who needs a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate?

All commercial premises in England and Wales, whether leased, rented, newly built or owned outright, require a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate by law. This includes:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Industrial units
  • Hotels
  • New build commercial units
  • Rental property
  • Public Institutions
  • Government buildings
We at EPCarlson aim to give you a tailored quote that you will be happy with. Use our online form to supply your details, and one of our accredited Commercial Energy Performance Certificate assessors will get straight back to you.

 Click here to view of an example of commercial EPC document.

A Commercial EPC along with a recommendations report is now required by law to be made available to prospective purchasers or tenants whenever a commercial or privately owned property is constructed, sold or rented. If you fail to produce these documents upon marketing your property, you will be liable for a fine of up to £5000! Be aware that if you repeat offend, the same fine applies.

Who should produce the EPC and at what time?

A commercial EPC needs to be produced by the Landlord or the person wishing to sell the property. As a Landlord, if you are planning on taking in new tenants then you must always have at hand, your Commercial EPC to present to them.

If you are selling your commercial property or have a lease assignment agreement with the owner then it is your responsibility to produce the commercial EPC. Likewise, in the case of building construction, the EPC must be produced by the person responsible for the building, i.e. the person who chose to have it built.

It is advisable to present the commercial EPC as soon as it is available as it has been known to be overlooked before and this results in a hefty fine once inspectors discover the oversight. Mistake or not, it is still illegal to begin negotiations with a prospective buyer without a commercial EPC.

For modifications to a property, if the existing heating, AC or ventilation services have been extended in any way an additional EPC must be purchased to cover the extension, upon completion.

How can I obtain an EPC?

To obtain a commercial EPC, simply contact a Non Domestic Energy Assessor before you take any further steps to sell or lease your property. EPCarlson can supply you with a commercial EPC within 48 hours from assessment of your premises.

How is the energy efficiency of my property assessed?

An accredited energy assessor is assigned to assess your property and will do so by examining your AC, Ventilation and Heating systems in order to deduce the overall energy efficiency of your property. The data is then fed into a computer program specifically designed to calculate the energy consumption and efficiency of your property, after which the program also creates a recommendations report to help reduce the energy consumption of your property. EPCarlson’s professional energy assessors also offer free on the spot information on how to better improve energy performance and consumption.

How long are commercial EPCs valid for?

Upon issue, EPCs are valid for a total of 10 years. However, if major modifications are carried out on your building it is a good idea to check with an accredited energy assessor such as EPCarlson, to see if a new commercial EPC is required.

How long does it take from assessment to issue of my commercial EPC?

Each building varies in size and design, therefore assessment times differ from property to property, however we can give you a rough estimate of the total assessment time when we offer you a quote. The processing of your data can also take several days but we will do our best to provide you with as accurate a timescale as possible.

What if I only own or rent a portion of the property?

Commercial EPCs are required to cover the building OR portion of the building being sold or rented, therefore you still need to produce an EPC for that particular portion. In most cases a “whole building” EPC will not suffice. Call EPCarlson and we will advise you upon this matter once you have given us the specific details.

What if my commercial property is also connected to a residential section?

In this case, if the residential section has its own entrance and has separate electricity, and gas meters then it should be okay to issue a residential EPC for this section and a commercial EPC for the other commercially used section. Call us about your situation and we will give you some free advice on what to do.

Are there any cases where I might not need an EPC?

There are certain buildings which are exempt from the requirement such as places of worship, buildings with a planned use of two years or less, buildings scheduled to be demolished and detached premises of a size less than 50m2.

Some warehouses are also exempt from the legislation as they do not require heating or cooling systems and therefore have no energy efficiency to measure.

If you think your property may be exempt but are not sure, please call our friendly staff and they will do all they can to clear things up for you.

Never simply assume that your property doesn’t need a commercial EPC as you may find, too late, that it does and be hit with a hefty fine of £5000. Inspectors do not care if you made a mistake, the same rules apply to everyone and you WILL be fined regardless. Do not take the chance.

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