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Are your energy bills spiralling out of control?

At EPCarlson, it is our job to help lower your monthly energy bills. Our team of qualified and accredited Energy Performance Certificate assessors can help you discover where your property is using excessive energy and wasting your money.

After an assessment at your convenience we can determine which areas of the property are not working in an energy efficient manner and suggest ways in which you can turn this around. Making energy efficient improvements to your property does not have to cost great amounts of money, but can bring you significant and continued savings.

Understanding your home or office and how they use energy gives you greater insight into where your money is going. Energy efficient installations can help you monitor energy usage and control your monthly outgoings, meaning that you will only pay for what you need and what you want.

Concerned about the Environment?

The United Kingdom like many of the EU’s states has set itself very ambitious energy efficiency targets in order to cut the negative effects that it is having on the environment. One of the steps to meet these targets is to improve the energy efficiency of the country’s residential homes. All of the energy that is being used by UK homes that is not turned into light, heat or power is being emitted as harmful carbon emissions.

If only 50% of the energy used by a light bulb is used to create light, the other 50% is being turned into heat, noise or harmful emissions.

By making a property more energy efficient, the negative impact upon the environment is lessened. Even simple, quick energy efficient changes could have significant long-term positive repercussions.

What do EPCarlson do?

Energy Performance Certificate Assessors

EPCarlson’s team of accredited EPC assessors will examine your property obligation-free to determine its energy efficiency. The assessors will then produce an Energy Performance Certificate that signifies where the property is using energy effectively and where the property is wasting money. EPCarlson will then recommend what changes can be made to the property in order to increase the energy efficiency and reduce your monthly bills.

Our qualified building surveyors will provide all the details you will need when considering making energy efficiency changes to a property.

Building Surveyors

Our Building Surveyors provide professional advice on construction on private and professional properties. The Building Surveyors work to ensure that the properties are kept in good condition and maximise their worth.

EPCarlson’s Building Surveyors work extensively with property owners who are looking to sell or let their properties to maximise its value and profitability. By bringing all aspects of the properties’ up to scratch, the sale value and attractiveness can be maximised.

Whether you are looking at making a small extension or selling a large multi-million pound structure, a Building Surveyor can help the property reach its potential. Furthermore, our Building Surveyors will be able to prepare legally binding documents to legitimise any claims you make about the property.p>

Home Condition Surveys

Buying a house is fraught with difficulties at the best of times with a myriad of things for you to consider. Our Home Condition Surveys can alleviate one of those difficulties by independently measuring the condition of potential new homes.

The Home Condition Survey will:

- Identify potential problems with the property
- Highlight ‘at risk’ areas that may manifest into costly problems in the future
- Rate the condition of the property on a 1-2-3 scale

An amazing 70% of homebuyers do not commission an independent survey on a new property. This means that there may be some unfortunate surprises awaiting them. The consumer agency Which? estimate that investing in a simple Home Condition Survey could save the new property owner up to £10,000 in the long term.


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